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Phil Layton, Founding CEO, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Layton has over 20 years in technical development, management and research in early to mid-stage companies.  Prior to forming Pacific Integrated Energy (PI Energy), he was cofounder and CEO of Clear Technologies, an early developer of machine vision based human interface for the commercial market.  His dual physics and law degree are uniquely suited to the multifaceted requirements of running a technical company that include development, legal, IP and fundraising activities.  As a research physicist Layton’s expertise includes plasmonics, nanotechnology, radiation effects on semiconductors and satellite systems, solar energy and plasma physics.   He has taken multiple products from early stage development through successful commercialization.  Layton has worked over 14 year in manufacturing, marketing and design of advanced IC components and computers for space applications. He also served in the US Navy reserve as an engineering duty officer. Layton holds a BS in Physics from UC San Diego, a MS Physics from UC Irvine, and a JD from University of San Diego.


PI Energy has a world-class team of chemists, materials scientists, electrical engineers and physicists.  The team, which includes four PhDs, one JD, and three staff with MS degrees, has extensive expertise in design, modeling, process development, micro- and nano-fabrication, plasmonics, testing and analysis for high-impact projects.  With collectively over thirty years of experience in developing advanced IC and electronic systems for the aerospace industry, the team has broad expertise in advancing complex semiconductor and electronic devices from concept to successful revenue generating products.

PI Energy’s board members have expertise in international project finance, construction and development.

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